The Department of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences has its own designated full-time faculty. This faculty, consisting of members from various disciplines, has a particular expertise in the Study of the Americas:

List of current full-time faculty members teaching in the program.

Faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the uptown campus, CUNY, and other expert professionals are also invited to teach courses in their areas of specialization. Recently we have hosted:

Campbell Dalglish: “Indigenous Visions” (Spring 2019)

Cheryl Sterling: “Black Atlantic Cultures” (Spring 2018)

Craig E. Stephenson: “Dreams, Ethics, and Society in the Americas” (Fall 2017)

Danielle Zach: “Special Topic Series: Human Rights” (Spring 2016)

Marcia Esparza: "Indigenous People and Human Rights" (Fall 2015)

Wendy Lutrell: "Critical Childhood and Youth Studies across the Americas" (Spring 2015)

Rosa Franco": "Microfinance in the Americas" (Fall 2014)                      

Jerry W. Carlson: “Slavery and Its Historical Legacy in the Film and Fiction of the Americas" (Spring 2014) 

Ian MacDonald: “Labor Strategies in the Americas" (Fall 2013) 

 Antoni Pizà: “Music of the Americas” (Fall 2012)

Carla Cappetti: “Wild Animals of the Americas” (Spring 2012)