The  Master of Arts in the Study of the Americas at the City College of New York offers students a liberal arts degree, in step with the most cutting-edge trends in interdisciplinary education. For undergraduates in our program, we also offer the possibility to earn both a BA and an MA in the Study of Americas in less time.

The program addresses questions and concepts about the Americas as it focuses on topics such as: race, migration and immigration, popular culture, politics, gender, and human rights.  It provides a collaborative space within which students may develop their intellectual engagement, applying diverse and myriad disciplinary approaches to investigate the intersections  among education, policy, government, society, history, culture, and the arts.

A rigorous, well-defined curriculum grounds students in an interdisciplinary perspective, while allowing them to explore more individual interests. Our 30-credit program enables students, with approval, to take up to three 3-credit courses as an Independent Study, at another division within the City College, or at another CUNY campus; or even benefit from the study abroad programs whose content areas complement those of the MA in the Study of the Americas. 

For students who already have careers, we offer a scholarly space in which they may engage their current professional responsibilities and interests using theoretical frameworks. For students who are preparing for a first career or career change, our program offers varying perspectives from which to explore potential paths.

3 Possible Degree Options

(1) MA in the Study of the Americas

(2) MA in the Study of the Americas: Dominican Studies Track (click here for more info)

(3) MA in the Study of the Americas: Human Rights track (click here for more info)

For additional information, please contact: Susanna Rosenbaum, Director 212.925.6625 ext. 208